Saturday, October 19, 2013

For My Man Baby

Here it is... Ta Daaa
So this is the man baby's quilt.  I finished it a while ago but haven't posted it, I was afraid it wouldn't be done before he was born but I got it done. His color is gray but I just couldn't resist throwing in a little teal/aqua.  I can't wait to decorate his room when we move into a house. I really want to decorate  the other kids rooms too, it's going to be fun. Eventually I will make him his zig zag quilt but I will wait until he moves into a normal size bed, so it will be some years from now seeing how he is only 6 wks old but he's weighing over 12 1/2 lbs.

I have to share this quilt with you all, my awesome friend Melinda made it for the baby.  I have been wanting to make this pattern for a long time, isn't this so cute!!!!! She did an amazing job and her corners are lined up perfectly something I struggle with....     The back is gray minky one of my fav    backings because it is so cozy, and I just love the robots, I have always loved this fabric and of course  the colors rock, the Chinese fabric actually says ninja, cool huh.                                                             

Thanks Melinda you rock the free world!
He's going to love this!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two Front Teeth

What do you make for a little one turning 6??? Well my niece just turned 6 and has her first loose tooth, so I made her a tooth pillow.  I really wish I had thought of this when my older kids where her age, when you start loosing your teeth.  I know that in our house hold the Tooth Fairy is very forgetful mainly because the tooth goes under the pillow unseen and then forgotten.  This little tooth pillow has a pocket in the back to place your tooth in. Then you hang it on your door, I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will see this tooth pillow on the door, while checking on their little one right before she goes to bed  herself and wont forget to get the tooth and replace it with mad cash. In the morning some happy child will find that cash in the pocket and feel delighted with their new found wealth.
I used the pattern from this tutorial HERE.  I just used the pattern but made my own face, crown and pocket.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Which Way

This gray quilt was made for baby Brigg, this cute little boy has just joined a family of 5 boys too. I'm sure they are going to be oh so sure to always show him which way to go.... you know like when my #1 and #2 showed  each other how to take their diapers off and smear it's contents all over the room....!

This quilt was so fun to make mainly because I made it with two dear friends Melinda and Jackie for another friend.  I think quilting with someone is better then quilting alone, it was fun despite the return of my morning sickness, at the end of my pregnancy no less. We backed it in gray minky, which I have been doing a lot lately, maybe because I'm bracing myself for Utah winter and it's just so soft and cuddly.
So I hope baby B.B. stays warm his very first winter.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Mums Quilts

These beauties are made by my mummy... she's so funny, she has a whole bunch of quilt tops that she's pieced but not finished quilting... slowly she is getting them done and here is some of her art work.  None of them have been bound, but knowing my mom and her crazy schedule it might take another year before they are bound.  Anyway I just wanted to share her work... Good job mom they look great.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy Pants

This is the best reason to be very very busy... this is my little man baby, he is an hour or two old in this picture... isn't he precious.  Though I ended up having a c-section, which I think sucks big time, but was needed. So to all you who that is your norm (Holly) I feel for you, and you are the boss. Anyway we are recovering well and lots of baby kissing happening over here...  man child loves giving his new baby brother tons of kisses. I am now a mother of 5 boys, crazy huh... but they are dang cute.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Travel Pillows

Before our cross country move... I decided to make some travel pillows for everyone. I was thinking of man toddler the most but he was the one who used his the least.  So the boys just picked out the fabric they wanted out of my scraps... I quickly realized that I would have to piece together the fabrics they chose, turning what I thought would be quick project into slightly more work then I thought.

They then chose the pattern to piece their chosen fabric together for their pillows.  The two older boys chose a asterisk pattern while R chose a herringbone pattern... which I realize I suck at, they are suppose to line up, oh well.

So after I made the tops all around 6inches x 22ish inches, the piecing seams seemed too bumpy like they would be uncomfortable to lay on... so I decided to put quilting battingon the back and quilted it, before assembling the pillows.  I then stuffed the pillows and sewed up the hole... super easy no real pattern needed.  And almost free, the back of each is left over minky from their quilts so they match their quilts.  Mine is left over fuzzy purple leopard print, that yes I had in my scraps.  Clint was eyeing them so I made one for him though I used his and mine the whole trip... hey I'm fat and pregnant.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Self Binding Blankets

I'm totally in love with these, and pinterest.  So I found this tutorial on pinterest over at Apostrophy Designs, it seemed do-able... this You Tube Video... explained it all verbally for me and had good measurement tips, so between the two, I made some super awesome blankets. I figure that as long as both fabrics are square then the pattern works. I worked with 10inch difference, so if my front was 32in then my back was 42in, and so on, because I wanted to get the most out of my fabric and we all know that at the cutting counter you may get more or less of a yard, depending on the cutter and the fabric and stuff. So here are all the blankets I made in one afternoon..

First up are the flannels.... for little boy

For little girl: and what little girl doesn't need a little monsters in her life, forget princesses!

This one is actually for me well our new boy addition anyway, I bought this way before I was even pregnant, I just liked the cassettes and colors.....

Now for the plain cotton: I actually found that it was easier to sew,(but then I also found that if I lined up the grains of the flannels it turned out more accurate as well). This little boy whales are my favorite... this is for a baby shower, but it might not make it out of my house.

And little girl: I actually bought this center fabric acouple of years ago not sure what I was going to use it for.. I thought maybe a apron for my mom, but it had a better destiny

Here is the full pattern of the cotton blankets. This here girlie one is an Amy Butler Print and of course I love these little whales

I even got to use some of my fun stitches from my sewing machine.

Oh glorious blankets.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food Catching Bibs

This weekend I have a baby shower to go to.. Sooooo I decided to make some bibs.  I have been eyeing this pattern for awhile I used a mix of these two tutorials one from SEW MAMA SEW and the other from OF  RERUM NATURA check out both links. I just used the length and width from Sew Mama Sew, I kinda liked the square look so that is what I went with.  Below are my girl versions

And here are my boy versions... K picked out the snakes, I of course made a snake for our baby too seeing how some days K wants to name the baby "Snake".

Fronts and Backs.....
The cool thing is that the button pouch catches all that fallen food.  I use to have some plastic ones from Ikea but they were really hard plastic and they irritated the boys necks so they wouldn't wear them, the cool thing is that they really do unbutton, it's not just for looks...

I only spent $5 bucks on the gray towel at Target and it made 5 bibs with a little left over for something... not sure what yet, the remnants may end up in the garbage because I'm trying to pack to move across the country, but we'll see.  The only problem I had was making button holes... I was at war with my machine, it's not that it was hard, but I kept making mistakes and having to pick out the messed up button hole... needless to say choice words may or may not have slipped out of my mouth. I guess the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.  We use to charge my mom 10cents every time she cussed at her sewing machine.  But in my moms case I think I should be a millionaire by now, I think my mom needs to pay up!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

ABC's Its Easy As 123's

You know how when you get an ideal and it warfs into something much grander and turns into a "Brain Baby".... well this would be one of those projects, as I was making it it kept getting bigger and bigger, finishing gloriously. This quilt is one of my favorite quilts I have made. I found the pattern for the letters on Kelbysews Etsy shop.  The lucky recipient of this bad boy is my children's Kindergarten teacher who is retiring. I knew that she was going to retire with in the next couple of years, I even tried to convince her to come and be my children's personal home school teacher. But since we don't live in Hawaii she declined.  Anyway the letters for this quilt are made by paper piecing, which I have never done but learnt pretty quick.  I then decided I should get some of the students she's had to help me... most of my kids friends where also in her kindergarten class, soooo they came over and each sewed a letter. I think that my boys sewed more than one because they had so much fun sewing one and because they live with me. The kids/students did a fantastic job most of them never having sewn before, I just showed them where to sew and they did, easy peesy right??

I couldn't decide which of these two pictures I liked best so here they both are.....

Here is the back... you know I love zig zags, well I had to throw one in for good measure and really what teacher doesn't need a little scissor fabric in their life.

This little square was the last touch.. I wrote the message on a white piece of fabric, backed it and then embroidered the words which read "Teaching us our ABC's from 1978-2013".  After having it all quilted and bound I slip stitched on the message on to the big blue square, it's the cherry on top.

I was thinking I had a year or two to make this quilt, but when I found out about a month ago that she was retiring at the end of this school year.... I had to get down to work.  I know it's kind of a lot of work but really it's nothing compared to the service Kerri has given my kids and hundreds of kids over the past 35 years of teaching.  I know not all teacher are as fantastic, teaching is a hard profession that I could never do, so when you come across a teacher who is worth their weight in gold, then this is just a small token of appreciation!!!
Thank You Kerri Webber, for starting my kids off right and helping instill a love for learning that my boys now have.. We will miss you!!!!

(unless you consent to home school my kids... maybe in 4 or 5 years when man child and womb child are ready.... we will move to Hawaii...)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This past weekend Clint and I went to Dallas for his brothers wedding.  It was so nice, the kids stayed home with some great friends who were willing to take them. Clint surprised me with an amazing hotel in down town.  The far wall was all window, and being on the 18th floor we had a killer view... I tried to get a good night shot but the pictures didn't turn out good, so here is a shot of the view, though it doesn't do it justice!!!
At  Pioneer Park in downtown they have this way cool monument to black cowboys, called Buffalo Soldiers.  These are just some of cattle statues.. no cowboys in this picture. I would have climbed on top of them even though there was a sign that said don't climb... but being huge with child I don't even think I could lift my leg higher then 2 feet, plus I would have split my pants wide open for sure..!
What says Texas more than this picture.... Hey go big or go home right.
We also had some awesome Mexican food, though no pictures. I can't wait to go back and eat some more, because that is how I roll.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teach Me How To Settle

TEACH ME HOW TO JIMMER......oh wait that's Teach Me How To Settle........My 5th graders have this Oregon Trail end of the year project due this week.  R decided he wanted to write a song about his Oregon Trail character, to the tune of "Teach Me How To Jimmer" of course.  This weekend, R asked if he could write "teach me how to settle" on a plain T-shirt.  So of course I'm all..... "why write it when we can freezer paper stencil it.".. So this is how we made his shirt..

First we chose the font and size of the letters
Second I traced the words on to freezer paper, shinny side down.
Third I cute out the letters with and exact-o knife.

Here it is all cut out.....

The next step is to iron it one to the shirt... the shinny side sticks to the fabric... but pulls off really easy....

Paint it... I have used fabric spray paint before in metallic, which worked fine... but I didn't have that and plus I wanted to mix colors or use what ever colors the boys wanted.  So I used what I had acrylic paint.  I put a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the shirt.  R pained his shirt making sure he covered any exposed spots of fabric (where I cut out the letters).

I pulled the paper off before the paint was fully dry... and hung the shirt up to dry.

The very last step was heat setting the paint.... my understanding is that this makes the paint permanent, so it doesn't wash out over time.... I did this just by ironing the shirt. I have since washed the shirts and they still look fantastic, but with a slightly softer feel.... and R wanted to just write it on....come on who does he think he's talking to.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Get Me To The Church On Time

I am such a procrastinator.... below is the picture of the binding I'm suppose to be finishing on the quilt I need to have done before school gets out next week...

But instead I found myself making these this morning.........

I found this tutorial and pattern from this blog
Very Homemade: Little Man Tie Tutorial
Super fantastic pattern, easy but with a high quality finished product... I'm so excited for Man Child to wear them... the pattern has New Born sizing and 2T-5T size (the size I made)

They are lined with cotton.... really so easy to make I can't even handle it...

You should check it out and make some for your man cubs....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Jambo

So this quilt was made for a sweet little baby boy living in Kenya Africa.  Jambo means hello in Swahili.  It took a while to find an Elephant print I liked, and when it came in the mail I loved it even more.  Shopping for fabric on line can be hard sometimes, but usually when I get the fabric in person I love it even more (usually, some exceptions) Which is why I go into over stimulation mode when I'm shopping in quilt shops in Utah. There aren't many in my area of Maryland and my favorite shop is in La Plata, MD  (1 1/2 hrs away but worth the drive) So back to Baby Jambo, these pictures aren't the best but I need something before I wrapped it up so I had to use my old camera.
It's all grays and whites with a tiny bit of color in the elephant print with the birds, frogs and turtles. I pulled the orange out of the frogs mouth.. The stripes are all different widths with really no rhyme or reason ranging from 6 inches to 2 inches.
I backed it in orange with gold flecked fabric from Jo Jo's
The Jambo was pretty easy to make.  I typed "Jambo" in the font I wanted and then hand drew it on paper (I'm a master eye baller).  I then cut out my letters making a pattern out of double sided fusible webbing, ironed one side on to the fabric. Cut it out and ironed my fabric letter/webbing backed, on to the quilt. Finishing it off by top stitching it, sewing around all the edges about 1/8 inch in.
  I then quilted all the layers together with random straight lines across.... bound it and wha la done. I like the simplicity of it and want to make something like this for my baby... I already have the printed fabric... it's vikings.