Monday, April 12, 2010

Dresser makeover

So here is the dresser for Georgia's room. It was that color of wood, so was the bed. The pulls where the traditional 70s 80's brass butterfly pulls. I switched them out for glass, which says Victorian to me. I first saw some good before and afters like this on centsational girls. blog. She really can redo furniture well. So I got the idea from this Centsationalgirl. Anyway I like how her dresser turned out. The cool thing is that the mirror did not originally go with the dresser, but my in-laws asked if I wanted it for the room, the were going to get rid of it and just looking at was a big "hello..yes". It has the came curvature as the dresser it was perfect and Georgia loves it. It was originally off white and since we are going for a crisp white white look we just spray painted it, when I say we I mean, my servant, worker, brother did it for me. I really did have a lot of help from family members doing what ever random thing I wanted to do... it really rocked, I felt like a professional with a work crew and everything.

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  1. It's as if that mirror was meant to go with the dresser, seriously. I am sooo glad you were given the go-ahead to paint that furniture white. It looks perfect with the fabric. How fun to have your own crew. Oh wait, I've had that before - you and Clint (and your boys too, come to think of it!!). :)